Scholarship & Financial support

Scholarship program.

The AAGT and EAGT are very proud of their respective traditions of helping persons who are financially challenged to attend their conferences. Keeping with the principle of social responsibility in mind, and with how this principle needs to be reflected internally, we decided to create a joint AAGT/EAGT Scholarship program for the conference in Taormina, Sicily. Please find below the information for donating and applying to our Scholarship fund.

Information for donors

The joint AAGT/EAGT scholarship program was created to help remove barriers by enabling persons in need of financial assistance from the worldwide Gestalt community to participate, meet colleagues and friends, and share at the Taormina conference. We believe both our organizations will be immeasurably enriched as a result of our program.

The AAGT and EAGT strive to get external funds available for our colleagues and friends who would not be able to join the conference because of costs.

We also call members of AAGT and EAGT who have more financial resources to make a donation.

Please follow the link below to support the EAGT fund

To join AAGT

Please consider creative forms of fundraising for our scholarship fund. For example, you could organize an event or workshop in your city.


Information for applicants

The criteria which the Scholarship committee will consider in allocating grants include the following: ethnic diversity, financial need, geographic diversity, membership status, potential conference presenter, as well as unique circumstances. We will also consider your specific conference expenses based on travel distance.

After giving us the demographic information requested, please write in 150 words or less your interest in attending, your connection to Gestalt Therapy and in what ways you reflect our eligibility criteria. (see application form below). Only the committee co-chairs will see your applications and know your names.

The deadline for the first round of applications will be 1st of February 2016 (decisions to be emailed by 15th of February).

Scholarship AAGT and EAGT Committee Co-Chairs
Dieter Bongers,  Dominique Chabre, Guus Klaren and Adam Kincel