Process groups

Call for Process Group Facilitators:


PROCESS GROUPS  are a unique gestalt therapy approach to conferencing and will be  an integral part of our AAGT and EAGT Conference in Taormina.   Process Groups help shape the experience of the participants and contribute to the on-going creation of the conference as an organically emerging here-and-now experiences which puts  process and program in a co-creating relationship. Feedback most often received about them is how wonderful they are


Each Process Group  has two facilitators who encourage, stimulate, and support conference participants to attend to their experience and explore the unique meaning and value of the conference for them.  They are a place for people to process their experience at the conference and to meet each other more intimately in small groups.  In this way, Process Group facilitating is different from leading a therapy group. We are planning an orientation for facilitators on Thursday afternoon 4:00 – 6:00 PM and will offer guidance and support as needed throughout the conference.


We expect this conference to be large and  we will need about 80 volunteers, experienced and less experienced to facilitate the Process Groups Many people, once having taken the step of facilitating  Process Groups do so conference after conference  If this would be your first time we suggest that it is a step worth taking and that you are likely to find it an enriching experience.


We need your help and would like to encourage you to take the step of offering to co-facilitate a Process Group.  If you haven’t  facilitated a Process Group at any  prior conferences please consider doing so in Taormina. If you did so in the past please do so again. 


There is a place on the conference registration form for you to register your willingness to volunteer.  If you would like any further information, contact:
Claire Asherson Bartram or Silvia Tosi  


Warm regards,

The Process Group Committee 

Co-Chairs: Claire Asherson Bratram, Jack van Liedonk, Silvia Tosi, Perry Klepner