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The first AAGT and EAGT joint Conference!

A unique opportunity for two of the largest international associations for Gestalt therapy to meet and learn from each other. We will co-create a fertile ground in order to explore our differences and similarities, our intentionalities for contact, our potentialities to develop theory and practice, and our wish to enjoy ourselves. The meaning of any intentionality is fully revealed only at the end of the process of co-creation: so, let’s start this process with the faith that the ground will support our next steps towards the co-creation of the aesthetic figure of contacful experience.


The Topic

The conference theme focuses on some cornerstones and growing edges of Gestalt Therapy theory and practice.  We will explore the aesthetic dimension of otherness in the contemporary world that seems characterized by a high degree of desensitisation.

Aesthetic comes from the Greek, meaning ‘perceived by senses’: it refers to a prereflective dimension of experience and to a way of knowing by the senses. The process of intrinsic evaluation of the Gestaltung is based on aesthetic criteria.

Otherness refers to a process of emerging subjectivities, a process of mutual co-creation at the contact-boundary. In this process are rooted the ethical, clinical, social and political dimensions of experience. How is this process supported or prevented in a desensitized world? How does this affect our practice when occurring in therapy, in organisations and communities, in learning and teaching, in social and political dimensions? We will be inspired by Dostoyevsky’s provoking question: “will beauty save the world?” And which beauty? We will explore these themes, raise our awareness, make new contacts and develop ourselves in the process of meeting each other at the contact boundary. And we will be exploring these together at the historic crossroads of civilizations – the Hellenic, Roman, and Islamic. By our gathering at this joint conference, we ourselves will be bringing our own different civilizations to the crossroads we will co-create at the boundary of this conference.


Scientific Focus

a focus on the developments of GT in different domains (application of GT in clinical, organisations, research, education, arts, politics, etc.)

Social Focus

a focus on building our own communities and how we meet each other in a learning and teaching community, and a focus on the situation of GT in the actual society and wider field.

Political Focus

a focus on the political situation in the actual world, starting from the local situation in Sicily.  It is a living laboratory at the crossroads of civilisations experiencing the challenges of immigration and integration.

Process groups

Process groups will be threaded through the conference .  All registrants are invited to participate in these groups.  They will provide conference attendees a chance “to chew”  on what happens in the conference, to make intimate contacts, to be supported and inspired, and to continuously co-create the conference.  See more…

Scholarship funds

The AAGT and EAGT will  be providing support to those people who need financial assistance to attend the conference. Scholarship funds will be available. See more…

Hotel Hilton

Hotel Hilton offers a limited number of special room rates for conference registrants!

Call for proposals

deadline November, 10st, 2015

Gianni Francesetti, Burt Lazarin, Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Jelena Zeleskov Djoric

Dan Bloom,  Michele Cannavò, Dominique Chabre, Claire Asherson Bartram, Gail Feinstein, Gianni Francesetti, Cathy Gray, Elena Guerri, Perry Klepner, Roberta La Rosa, Burt Lazarin, Nurith Levi, Jack Van Liesdonk, Dina Miller, Mark Reck, Jan Roubal, Sue O’Rourke, Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Silvia Tosi, Jelena Zeleskov-Djoric

Relationship with the associations: Jack Van Liesdonk (EAGT),  Dan Bloom (AAGT), Elena Guerri (SIPG)

Blind Peer Review of Proposals: Jelena Zeleskov-Djoric and Dominique Chabre

Organisation of Process Groups: Silvia Tosi,  Jack Van Liesdonk, Perry Klepner and Claire Asherson Bartram

Scholarships funds: Dieter Bongers, Dominique Chabre, Adam Kincel, Guus Klaren

Program: Nurith Levi, Sue O’Rourke, Roberta La Rosa

Credits: Dina Miller (US), Marco Lobb (Italy)

Research: Mark Reck, Jan Roubal

Local organisational group

Michele Cannavò, Elena Guerri, Roberta La Rosa, Marco Lobb, Giancarlo Pintus,  Marika Stella

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Join us in this passionate and exciting experiment in co-creating a learning and teaching community in Taormina, one of the most beautiful historical places in the world, a real crossroad of civilisations!